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2015 North Carolina Fall Leaf Season

blue ridge mountains

Autumn in the blue Ridge Mountains

Autumn is a beautiful season in the Carolinas and Virginia because the leaves in our trees go from green to a riot of different colors.

And this year, because North Carolina has had a very dry spring and summer, leaf season should be spectacular.

The leaves begin to change colors when the chlorophyll runs out and the days grow shorter and colder.

There are a wide variety of trees in North Carolina which turn, including Hickory, Oak, Maples, Dogwood, Beech, Blackgum Sassafras and many others.

The mountains are particularly lovely during leaf season, with Asheville and the Blue Ridge Parkway seeing lots of visitors.

The season generally runs from early October to early November, depending on where exactly you are. Elevations above 5,000 feet will be best viewed in the first half of October; elevations over 4,000 feet will turn in the latter half of the month.

The Piedmont will peak later but with less impressive views. However, leaf volume will be impressive.

As anyone who has been in the Piedmont for any time knows, when the leaves come down, they really come down. When they are still dry, you’ll have a bed of leaves in your yard that can be 4-6 inches deep, and when you start to collect them, the pile can be incredibly big – and also great fun for children and dogs.

As fun as that can be, and for all the charm that leaves have on the ground, they have none – zip, zero, nada – on your roof and in your gutters.

Gutterglove’s proprietary technology eliminates any material from falling into your gutter and allows the water to flow freely to the downspout and then back into the yard.

Unlike gutter products which use reverse curves and foam insert gutter guards, Gutterglove products use a proprietary technology which keeps everything except water out of your gutters, thus preserving your biggest investment – your home.

We encourage you to research gutter products carefully because we firmly believe that you’ll come to the same conclusion that we did: Gutterglove is the best product you can buy for your gutter.

But don’t take our word for it – ask Angie’s List too.

Enjoy leaf season, but if you are ready for gutter protection please contact us today.

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