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Best Size for Screen Mesh in Gutter Guards

After installing Gutterglove for many years we are thrilled with the size of the holes in the screen mesh. The holes are 50 microns.

Looking for commercial or residential gutter protection in Triangle area? We have the Gutter Glove solution. Our sales people can provide you service in the Triangle area, as well as all of North and South Carolina.

Gutter Glove used a micro-screen filter to stop leaves and debris from getting into your gutters and causing a clog. The holes in the screen are only 50 microns, which means that virtually nothing gets through them except rain water. But exactly how small is 50 microns? A single micron is 1/1000th of a milimeter, but even that is hard to imagine without something to compare it against. Blow is a list of things small enough to be measured in microns.

  • 1-10 microns – diameter of a single bacterium
  • 3-8 microns – width of a strand of spider silk
  • 10 microns – size of a fog, mist, or cloud water droplet
  • 10-55 microns – width of wool fibers
  • 20-170 microns – width of human hair
  • 70-180 microns – thickness of paper

As you can see, a micro-screen filter with 50 micron holes isn’t going to let in even a grain of sand. Dust and pollen may squeeze, but there won’t be any risk of clogging and causing water damage to your home.

But don’t take our word for it – ask Angie’s List too.

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