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About the Most Experienced Gutterglove Dealer & Installation Company in NC

ricky-stroupGutterglove of North Carolina is the oldest and most experienced Gutterglove® dealer on the East Coast of the United States. We are incredibly proud to sell and install the very best home protection products you can buy, which is why we’ve offered Gutterglove products exclusively for almost a decade now.

Owner Ricky Stroup has over twenty years in the building materials business and his entire career has been spent in the industry. He started with Gutter Glove of North Carolina to assist homeowners and business owners, giving them the personal touch and a high level of customer service that a bigger company simply can’t offer. He and the entire team focuses on the customer in a careful, polite manner.

Why We Install Gutterglove Protection Systems… & Not the Other Guys

We first saw the Gutterglove product and what it was capable of at the 2005 Roofing Convention in Florida and, needless to say, we fell in love with it. We knew we had to sell this gutter protection product. The next month we bought just enough to put on Gutterglove of NC founder Lou Sauer’s home — and he still has it! It’s great! Why? Because no competing gutter guard provides the same level of:

  1. Quality – Regardless of the type of Gutterglove system you’re receiving (Pro, Ultra, LeafBlaster, or IceBreaker), you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a premium product that will perform for the years ahead. In fact, one of our owners has the same system installed on his house that was originally set up in 2005!
  2. Premium Technology When we first approached home builders and contractors, they all said the same thing: “Gutter guards don’t work! Show me one that keeps out pine needles and we will buy it!”…so we showed them Gutterglove. The micro mesh filter will keep you from ever having to deal with the hassle of cleaning clogged gutters again!
  3. Visual Superiority – What’s the best part of having a Gutterglove system installed on your roof? Many of our previous clients mention that when you’re looking up from the ground at your Gutterglove guards, you hardly notice them! You will, however, notice their performance — that is hard to miss!
If you have questions or concerns about your Gutterglove products, Ricky himself welcomes your feedback directly at:


We proudly serve homeowners and builders in NC & VA. Also, check us out throughout South Carolina in Columbia, Greenville and more! Contact us to receive your free estimate!

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