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What Is The Best Gutter Protection For Fir Needles?

So many gutter clogs are made of smaller bits of debris, rather than bigger chunks like most people would imagine. Over time, tiny pieces of leaves, twigs, dirt, and pine needles accumulate and form a blockage that prevents the collected rain water from draining, causing it to flow over the side.


Across most of North America, fir trees, a specific type of pine, cover the land. They can grow anywhere from 30 to 260 feet high, and have millions of tiny needle-like leaves. These fir needles stay on the tree, year round, unlike other trees that lose them in the fall, and grow them back in the spring. The needles to fall off occasionally, however. As limbs get damaged, or as the wind blows them off, they fall toward the ground, and land on anything nearby, including your roof.


When rain washes them down into your gutter, they can get caught in tiny cracks and crevices. A single needle won’t cause any problem, but one stuck needle can eventually catch another, and slowly over time the bunch can grow into a significantly sized blockage.


Some gutter protection systems are designed to completely cover the gutter, and use a smooth curved plastic lip to guide the water back underneath, and into the gutter. If you’ve ever tried to pour water out of a container, only to have it stick and run down the side, you understand how they work. These work most of the time for large leaves and bigger pieces of debris, but smaller objects, especially fir needles, can get swept into the gutter along with the rain water.


Gutterglove uses a different method of keeping the debris out, and not even the sharpest fir needles can get past. Rather than using a plastic guard, Gutterglove uses a stainless steel micromesh that filters out anything larger than 50 microns wide. That’s even thinner than a single human hair!


Gutterglove is compatible with all existing gutter systems, and can be installed quickly and easily by our trained professionals in a single day. Little to no modifications to your home’s exterior are required. Gutterglove is very lightweight, and is supported mostly by the edge of your roof, and not on your existing gutters.


If you want to protect your  home with the most effective and advanced gutter filtration system available, choose Gutterglove. But don’t take our word for it – ask Angie’s List too.

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