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Gutter Protection in Carrboro NC

Looking for commercial or residential gutter protection in Carrboro, NC? We have the Gutterglove solution. Our sales people can provide you service in the Triangle area, as well as all of North and South Carolina.

Although it only covers a small 6.5 square miles, Carrboro, NC is big on charm. It’s nickname, Paris of the Piedmont, stems from both its progressive nature, and it’s beautiful aesthetics. So progressive, in fact, that in 2011 the Tree Protection Ordinance was passed and put into action. In a commitment to sustainability, and an effort to preserve the beauty of trees and greenery, limitations have been set in order to strike a balance between nature and commercial/residential development. Special permits are required to remove any trees above a certain height or age, and they are only issued under strict circumstances. The ultimate goal is to maintain as much tree top canopy as possible, while still allowing new homes and buildings.

Almost every roof in Carrboro is shaded by a nearby tree, which certainly has its appeal in the hot summer. But with the summer comes rain. As it lies within the North American humid subtropical climate, an monthly average rainfall of 3.2” to 4.5” is to be expected. The summer months trend towards the higher end of that range. Together, these all add up to roofs covered in wet leaves, and that’s bad news for most gutter systems.

Most gutter protection products rely on water surface tension to redirect water around the front edge of a curved cover, and back into the gutter system. These only work well under ideal circumstances, and contrary to the manufacturers claims, pass leaves and debris into your gutters, forming clogs. If the water flow is light, the rain gently clings to the surface of the guard, similar to how water stick to the side of a glass as you just begin to pour. However, heavy rains will rush down your roof and fly past the guards. At that’s point it’s as if you don’t have gutters at all.

Gutterglove is different. Because it uses a filtration process, rather than surface tension, the water is free to flow directly into your gutters, but anything larger than dust or pollen is caught, preventing a clog from ever forming. The water will drain away as intended, your home or business will remain protected, and bugs will have no where to live and breed.

But don’t take our word for it – ask Angie’s List too.

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