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Fall Gutter Cleaning Tips

Fall is here and in Central North Carolina the leaves are about to fall off of the trees. This is a very beautiful time of year. Shortly after the leaves fall, they begin to clog gutters, and people will be cleaning out their gutters ahead of the rainy winter season.

The best tip we have is to hire us to install Gutterglove on your home. This protects your home, keeps your gutters free from debris, downspouts clean, prevents water damage, and, of course, you no longer need to clean your gutters out. We have gathered together some gutter cleaning tips that we use if you’re not quite ready to make the leap yet. Please be advised these are just general tips- this is in no way a how to guide, nor can we recommend that you climb on your roof and do these things. The only thing we can officially recommend is that you hire an insured professional.

Tip #1: Practice ladder safety. Most ladder accidents happen at 6’ – 8’ off of the ground. This doesn’t sound like a great height but ladder accidents send over half of a million people to the ER each year!

Tip #2: Use gloves. Safety gear, such as gloves and eye protection are recommended. Some people use a dust mask as well; you never know what is up there in an unprotected gutter. Gloves are mandatory- everything from rotting leaves to bird droppings can be sitting there breeding bacteria. Metal shards can scratch hands- scratches and bacteria are not a good combination. The type of shoe we wear matters as well, depending on the type of roof that we are walking on.

Tip #3: Clean the roof. Once gutters are clean, we clean the roof. Everything on the roof is going to go right down into the gutter if it is unprotected. So, it makes sense to clean the roof off once gutters are cleaned, otherwise the next rainfall will push all of the debris right into the clean gutter.

When the time comes to put an end to this chore please give us a call so that we can end it for you once and for all.

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