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Gutters and Fascia Rot and Repair

If your home’s fascia is roting and needs to be repaired please give us a call. We also sell Gutterglove, which will protect your gutters and your home from water damage. In addition, with Gutterglove, you will never need to clean your gutters again.

Why do fascia boards rot?

The same reason everything else on earth rots: water.

In a roofing system, the shingles hang slightly over the edge of your roof. The water then rolls down into your gutter and, helped by gravity, flows downhill to your downspout, which channels it safely away from your house.

If the gutters are improperly installed or maintained, or simply past their useful life span, then the water may not be correctly channeled away from the fascia.

Gutter slope can be at play here: if the gutter is not angled correctly, helping the water to flow naturally downhill, then it will build and eventually splash over.

And in the Carolinas and Virginia, we have a wealth of trees. When you fly over the area you realize just how many: the cities are literally cut out of forests. So is your yard.

Those leaves naturally fall or are blown in your unprotected gutters, where they first slow the flow of water and later, when they break down, block it completely.

The water is bad enough, but having decaying organic waste splash onto your fascia board just accelerates the rotting.

It is essential, therefore, to keep the water flowing smoothly off of your roof, down your gutter and downspout and away from your house. This is where Gutter Guard can help.


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