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Gutter Systems And Gutter Protection In Mount Airy

Just 3 short miles south of the Virginia border, Mount Airy, NC is probably famous more for it’s inspiration of the fictional town of Mayberry than any of it’s other features. Actor Andy Griffith was born and raised in Mount Airy, and went on to star in two television shows that took place is a town very much like the one he was from.

Mount Airy is a small town, covering just eight and a half square miles, and home to almost eleven thousand people. But one thing that this small town does big is rain, getting more than 130 inches of it each and every year. That’s almost eleven feet of water dumped on the roofs of each and every home across town.

But it’s easy to forget how much water the gutters on your home have to deal with on a regular basis when it only falls a few drops at a time. That’s why it’s so important for homeowners to take a moment and consider the affects that their gutters have on the rest of their home.

When gutters work properly, they collect the rain that falls on the roof, diverting it towards the corners, where it flows down to the ground and away from the house. But even a single clog that throw that process off, and water can then spill into places it’s not meant to be.

What few people realize is that the down spouts of a gutter system are strategically placed, and it put in the corners of the house where the dirt is lowest, allowing the water to drain away, and not back towards the house where it can cause damage.

If a clogged gutter causes rain water to flow over the edges of a gutter, it’s going to drain down the sides of the house onto areas of the yard that aren’t suitable for drainage. This cause cause damage to the lawn and landscaping, can wash away top soil, and even cause damage to the foundation or wooden structure of the house.

Gutter clogs are easily prevented with Gutterglove, a micromesh filter that blocks debris from entering the gutters while allowing rain water to pass through easily. If you’re interested in having your home protected by Gutterglove, contact us today.

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