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Why Should I Seek A Licensed, Insured Home Improvement Company in Raleigh?

If you need a licensed, insured home improvement company in Raleigh, Durham, Chapell Hill or anywhere in the Triangle area feel free to call us. We are a safe, friendly, locally owned and operated company with excellent reviews.

A family in Garner, acting as their own contractor, once arranged for an unlicensed plumber to come do some work at their house. He seemed to be making progress but one day said he couldn’t finish because he had to “go to a halfway house to finish my sentence.”

True story – and the plumbing had to be corrected before it passed inspection.

Essentially the homeowner had to pay twice for the same work, not to mention the cardiologist. Needless to say, it’s not supposed to work like that. What should I know before calling a contractor in Raleigh or the Triangle?

Licensed vs. unlicensed

As we see above, an unlicensed contractor or subcontractor can cause a number of potential problems, some going beyond the job itself.

You should first of all make sure that your contractor is licensed. That’s a bedrock, non-negotiable point. If he can’t show you his license, call someone else (and before he alludes to his violent criminal past too).

A license usually involves a criminal background check for one thing.  But it also means that your contractor has met certain basic standards, that he’s a competent professional.

It also gives you recourse in case your contractor doesn’t do the job correctly. If the board calls him on it, he’ll fix the problem – or face serious consequences, up to possibly losing his license.

Before he can be licensed, he’ll need to prove that he knows what he’s doing, so you have a guarantee of a minimum level of competency.

Aside from passing a background check, he’ll have to pass the licensing test, register a business name and show proof of commercial liability insurance. These are all things you want in a contractor. Never try to save money by choosing an unlicensed contractor. You’ll almost certainly lose it instead.

And without a board to keep him in line, your contractor may also intentionally defraud you.

Worse, in some states you may actually break the law by hiring an unlicensed contractor and you could get sucked into any legal action the faux contractor might face.

You may also put your health and anyone who lives with you at risk.  Poor plumbing, for instance can cause injury, illness, even death.  Improper wiring can burn your house down and potentially kill you or your loved ones.

A fully professional contractor will also carry commercial liability insurance and a surety bond.  So if he has a problem that damages your property, his insurance will usually cover it. A surety bond goes beyond that and can cover poor work, theft or damages from unethical or illegal practices.

All of these are important, but after you verify his credentials, remember that is the minimum qualifications. Ask for his references, what professional groups he belongs to and if he’s ever had significant issues with his board or the courts. When you are satisfied, then move forward.

You can call us for a good example. We’ll be happy to meet with you, show you our credentials and give references. And we’re confident that you’ll want to hire us for your home improvement job in Raleigh or the surrounding area. Call today for a free consultation.

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