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Spring cleaning – gutter cleaning tips:

Spring has sprung and for most people that means they are going to perform their semi-annual gutter cleaning chore.

A lot of people think that having a clean gutter is a nice convenience; however, gutters prevent water from getting around your home’s foundation. (For more on how vital a role gutters play in your home check out our article: Why do homes have gutters anyways?)

People have been using gutters and cleaning them out for over 5,000 years now. Many homeowners decide after the first cleaning that once is enough and get a gutter guard which eliminates the need to clean them.

If you are going to clean your own gutters here are some basic tips:

  • If you use a ladder, remember SAFETY FIRST. Ladder injuries are no joke. In the United States over 500,000 people are hurt in ladder falls every year. 164,000 of these people end up in the Emergency Room. 300 of them die. Many people in ladder accidents fall from just 6 to 8 feet off of the ground.
  • If you know that your downspout is clogged and no water is coming out, take note that it is the perfect home for wasps. Carefully watch the bottom of the downspout for a few minutes and make sure there are no insects flying in and out. When it comes time to remove a downspout, be quiet and listen for buzzing. Wasps build nests in downspouts all the time!
  • If you have a fairly straightforward gutter cleaning to do, the general method is to wear safety glasses, wear a dust mask, wear gloves, scoop out debris, put debris into trash, rinse out with high pressure water, and clean gutters if desiredneeded.

If you never want to clean your gutters again, Contact us today!


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