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Statesville, the county seat of Iredell County, is one of the few cities in North Carolina to have been bestowed the title of All American City, an honor given nearly twenty years ago. Even today it’s small town values can be seen to anyone passing through on either highways I-40 or I-77

Approximately 25,000 people call Statesville home, and is the birth place of several Major League Baseball players, Olympic gold medalists, and even a NASA Astronaut. This proves that even big things can come from small places.

But it’s the small things that homeowners in Statesville should be worried about. Because when even tiny things group together, they can create big problems. Like tiny bits of dead leaves, twigs, and pine needles that collect inside gutters, which can clump together and form a water blocking clog, leaving rainwater no where to go.

As the water spills over the edges it soaks the side of the house, allowing mold and mildew to begin growing. Then, as it hits the ground it damages the soil and landscaping growing near the house. Finally, as it seeps into the ground it soaks into the foundation, slowly eroding it. When winter comes, the water freezes and expands, creating cracks and structural weaknesses.

Even in a best case scenario, where no structural damage is done to the home, a clogged gutter can sag and pull away from the roof due to the extra weight. This leaves a very unsightly appearance and diminishes the curb appeal of a home.

To prevent all of these issues, the first and most important step is to keep debris out of the gutters. No product on the market works as well as Gutterglove, which uses a super fine stainless steel micromesh that filters out even the tiniest bits of dirt and debris. Only clean rain water is able to pass through, which then flows unobstructed down through the drain spout and safely away from the home.

If you would like to keep your home protected from these types of dangers, contact us today. We offer free consultations, and will inspect your home to help determine the best gutter protection system for your home. We not only protect gutters, but can replace your existing old gutters as well, should they have any problems of their own.

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