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Top Four Gutter Problems During The Summertime

Summer weather in the south east can crossover from the double to triple digits easily. When its that hot, not many people spend time thinking about their gutters. But there are several issues that are more likely to be a problem in the summer than any other time of the year. Below are the top four gutter issues that home owners should be concerned with this summer.


The damp plant debris that collects in gutters is likely to attract insects looking to feed on the decaying material, and birds looking to eat those bugs, as well as nest in the debris. Sometimes animals from further up the food chain show up, too. Frogs, lizards, rodents and snakes have all been known to take up residence in a gutter system. The best way to keep them out is to keep your gutters clean and protected with Gutterglove.

Mold Growth

The same debris that attracts pests will eventually begin to rot and decompose. Once mold begins to grow it will easily spread to other areas of your home. Not only can mold compromise the structural integrity of the wooden beams it’s likely to grow on, its airborne spores can cause severe respiratory issues for people living in the home.

Dry Leaves

The heat of the summer can dry out any of the plant debris that’s collected throughout the year, turning it into fluffy, arid tinder. Gutter fires aren’t common, but they do happen. All it takes is a bright reflection off of a shiny metal surface, or a stray spark or ember floating in the air from a grill, bonfire, or fire works display.


The summer heat is precluded by a deluge of springtime rain storms. With so much rain fall over an extended period of time, the gutters on most homes are given quite the work out. The likelihood of wear and tear is elevated, and problems like warping or sagging can begin to occur. Now is the best time to closely inspect the gutters to make sure that they were able to handle the spring rains unscathed.

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